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Women. Vulnerable. Fierce. Independent. Liberated. Layered.

In celebration of Women's Month in South Africa, we’ve partnered with one of SA’s most inspiring stylists, Andrea Chloe Welgemoed, to portray the juxtaposition of vulnerability versus strength formed in womanhood. Our Romaria luxury knitwear pieces symbolize the multifaceted layers of being a woman.

We wanted to capture a diverse group of women that represent our tribe which might be obvious at first glance. When we got to know each of them on set, it became clear that there is a much deeper message rooted in every woman, as there is in all of us, each with so many interests, responsibilities and different roles to play – the one as invigorating as the next. We are daughters, mothers, wives with multiple occupations that define us. As we face our own challenges, we may not always carry these layers on our sleeves. Therefore, the primary theme of the campaign became defined as: be kind, because everyone is fighting their own battles.


As a female-founded fashion and lifestyle collective, Romaria believes in interconnectedness and ‘weaving’ forward together, we believe in a community where we uplift and support each other. Our exclusive patterns are created in collaboration with a diverse mix of artists and designers. Whether layered or not, we create statement pieces that connect to the next and are intended to be complimentary, to make you feel beautiful and comfortable during all seasons of life.


Visual credits:

Creative Studio - Spaanspeck @spaanspeck

Photographer - Paul Samuels @paulmsam

Photography Assist - Olivia Mortimer @mortimer_olivia

Stylist & Art Director - Chloe Andrea Welgemoed @chloeandreawelgemoed

Videographer & Editor - Jacob Claassens @jjclaass

Styling Assist - Jana-Marie De Jager @jmdejager_

Farah Sasoodeen @farahsamsoodeen

Music - The Great Yawn @thegreatyawn


Mua Alex Botha @alexandra_julliet_mua

Mua Assist Jennifer Rose Krug @_jvnnifer_

Hair Saadique Ryklief @saadique


Mamaila Anna Molefe @medulla_travelmetsi

Shakira Sithole @shakirahsithole

Shana Danielle Ellappa @shanaellappa

Jodie Ennik @jodie_ennik

Thobeka Mbane @thobekambane

Aishlyn Mulligan @aishlynm

Yasmin Furmie @yasminfurmie

Marina Botes

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