Romaria is a fashion and lifestyle collective where luxury meets comfort. 


We design easy to wear knitwear pieces that connect to the next, intended to be complimentary and to treat you right throughout all seasons.


Spot our work by the application of exclusive patterns which are dreamt up in collaboration with a diverse mix of artists and designers.

All items are slowly and sustainably prepared on a small scale consisting of natural fibers and remarkable stitch games.


Established in South Africa with European influence. Founded in 2019 by us - design duo, Carla Pinto and Zydia Botes - as a collaborative venture to create effortlessly cool statement pieces that we wear ourselves.

SMTNG Factory Shoot 28-10-2020-0425.jpg

The name ‘Romaria’ derives from Carla’s Portuguese roots which translates to ‘pilgrimage’ or moving forward together, fitting for a brand that believes in interconnectedness and the art of ‘weaving’ together towards a better designed and sustainable future.